by: Ciara McGillivray

The following is a recap of the ghU session from November 16, 2014. For more information about ghU, please click here.

Last Sunday’s ghU session was a revisit to healthcare, a topic that was also covered a few weeks before. The goal of this revisit was to have a discussion on a topic that staff members were already familiar with. To help with this, all staff members were also assigned an informative reading with background information on the American healthcare system, to read prior to the meeting. At the start of the session, staff members were randomly paired up, and each given a piece of paper and a pen to write with. Everyone was given the prompt of “What do you feel about the American healthcare system?” and asked to write down their initial thoughts and opinions. They then switched papers with their partner, and discussed for about 5 minutes. This was repeated with the same question, but with different partners. Following these two partner discussion, the group came back together for a larger discussion. After the discussion, we talked about the success of lack thereof of the activity, and it was decided that the pre-meeting readings were beneficial, but that hopefully next time they would be easier to understand so that more people would be able to engage in discussion. It was also brought up that often, some people will be more knowledgeable about a topic and will have more to discuss, and that that’s alright, as there is often much to be learned from listening to these people debate and discuss.


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