GROW (GrassRoots On-site Work) is a 3-5 week summer internship supported in part by the GlobeMed National office. Each year, 3-6 representatives from GlobeMed at University of Rochester  have the opportunity to travel to Iquitos, Peru and spend time working alongside members of Kallpa and learning first hand about the amazing work they do. The internship is an integral component of the GlobeMed model for many reasons. As students it gives us the opportunity to learn about global health, social justice, and community development from local experts at our partner organization. Additionally, it is an important opportunity to evaluate the projects we helped to fund over the course of the academic year. Finally, the internship allows us to develop our relationship with our partner organization and the community of Iquitos. It is this personal connection that drives so many members of chapter to advocate so strongly to support Kallpa and the community of Pampachica. GROW internships are funded by students and grants from the GlobeMed National Office. It is separate from the funds we raise during the academic year, which go directly to support Kallpa's projects.

In 2013, six students will be traveling to Iquitos from University of Rochester during the months of June and July. During this time we will be evaluating the projects we helped to fund, contributing to Kallpa's sexual health awareness campaigns, teaching English classes, and exploring the lively Peruvian city of Iquitos. Updates leading up to the internship will be posted here.
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Iquitos youth brainstorming changes they want to see in their communities .

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