About Us

Throughout the academic year our chapter works towards four major goals:

  • Procuring funds to support our partner organization Kallpa, in Iquitos Peru
  • Following an internal curriculum to expand our knowledge of global health and to develop leadership skills
  • Engaging our fellow students and the greater Rochester Community in events and campaigns relating to global health and our partner organization
  • Preparing for a 3-5 week summer internship in which members of our chapter travel to Iquitos and work on-site with our partner organization

Although, like many other nonprofits, we hold ourselves accountable to raise funds for Kallpa Iquitos, we also recognize the importance of other factors in promoting health equity: discussion, advocacy, transparency, and engagement, among others. We are organized into six distinct committees to address these other factors:

  • Campaigns- By hosting events both on and off campus, campaigns raise proceeds that go to our partner, Kallpa Iquitos.
  • Communications- While a large part of communications team is publicizing events that our chapter is hosting, the communications team is also responsible for sharing our chapter’s findings on current global health with the public.
  • Finances- Each year our chapter establishes a Memorandum of Understanding which is an agreement between our chapter and our partner on the breakdown of expenses.
  • gHU- We believe a core part of the learning process is exchanging ideas, forming opinions, and learning about various global health strategies and solutions. The gHU component of our chapter enables our members to focus on different topics and discuss them weekly.
  • GROW- Every summer, our chapter is fortunate enough to send several of our members to Peru to intern with Kallpa Iquitos. There, they participate in monitoring and evaluation of existing programs, build relationships with the Iquitos community, and collaborate to develop new programs to be implemented.
  • Partnership - During the school year, our partnership team focuses on improving our members’ understandings of Kallpa’s approach, their programming, and their community. During the summer, they are heavily involved in the collection, analysis, and presentation of data from the GROW internship.

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