Association Kallpa is a Peruvian non-profit organization that was founded in 1990. GlobeMed at University of Rochester is partnered with Kallpa Iqutios - a branch of Association Kallpa which was founded in 2007. Kallpa Iquitos is committed to youth development and empowerment in the community of Pampachica.

"We are an organization committed to human development and the complete health of the marginalized children, adolescents, and youth of our country"

The Peruvian region of Loreto, where the city of Iquitos is located, has long been known for its lack of structural and economic development and poor public education systems. 

To combat this, Kallpa collaborated with the families in a small Iquitos neighborhood of El Porvenir to organize community youth into a Youth Association. Working with this Youth Association, Kallpa then developed programs to target five key areas of impact - youth employment, sexual health, safe neighborhoods, food security, and environmental health. These programs have included vocational training workshops, HIV/AIDs awareness campaigns, campaigns against youth violence, and trash collection programs.
Most of these programs took place in the youth center Kallpa was able to build in El Porvenir in 2008. Unfortunately, this youth center was greatly damaged in the devastating floods that submerged the entire neighborhood of El Porvenir last spring.

Over the past five years, Kallpa’s programs have had a dramatic impact on the community of El Porvenir in Iquitos. The Youth Center and Kallpa’s regular programs and the support they offer have created opportunity for responsibility and leadership among community youth and a sense of unity in the neighborhood of El Porvenir. In fact, Kallpa’s programs were so successful in El Porvenir, that this past year the organization was approached by youth representatives of eight neighboring communities with a request to expand its programs to their neighborhoods as well. As a result, Kallpa is now servicing the entire region of Pampachica. 

As their success continues, Kallpa hopes to collaborate with the Peruvian government to continue to implement their model and programs in other regions of need in Peru.
To learn more about Association Kallpa and Kallpa Iquitos, please visit their website: www.

Partner Contacts

Manuel Pimentel Tello

Manuel was born in a small village in the department of Loreto, Peru and attended University in Iquitos. He has been working with the youth of Pampachica for four years, two of which Kallpa has been our partner.

Manuel is very dedicated to his work with the youth and communities in Pampachica. He often works long hours.

Carlos Gongora
Carlos Gongora is our teammate in charge of implementing project activities, goals and other programming (e.g. English classes).

Carlos recently graduated from his dental school and is now a fully licensed and practicing dentist. Carlos has been working for Kallpa for three years and on our project specifically for two.

Frida Vargas

Frida has worked for Kallpa for five years and on our project for two. She is a single mother of Paola, age 6.

Frida also has another job to supplement her modest salary from Kallpa. She is dedicated to spending time in the communities and talking to residents about the issues concerning them. Frida is currently working on 3 of the 9 neighborhoods found in Pampachica.

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