We're Here! We're Here!

All of us have arrived — save Humma who will join us in a few days — and spent the morning meeting with Kallpa. Manuel, in his ever-endearing way put Frida on the spot to introduce herself first, then launched into nearly the same speech that I heard a year ago. A warm welcome, an invitation to convivir both with them and the people of Pampachica while we’re here, a caution about never taking parked motocarros, a reminder that we always wear helmets while riding motos, and the request that we always ask for clarification when we have any question. “We are here to clarify,” he assured us. 

We spent the rest of the morning going over our schedule, acquainting ourselves to the type of work we’ll be doing here, and discussing a few of the challenges we might encounter. I think we’re all still adjusting to the heat and humidity in Iquitos as we’ve all been drinking lots of water and searching for fans wherever they’re available. 

After this, we’ll probably head to Manuelita’s (our favorite 6 sol lunch spot) to eat, then rest for a bit in the midday heat. At2:30 there’s a meeting with the various youth groups in Pampachica, wherein I’m sure we’ll get reacquainted with this year’s leadership and plan when to have discussions about the MOU projects. I personally can’t wait to see everyone again, but also see Gibran and Joanna meet them for the first time. It’s hard to believe I’ve been away for a year already but it feels oh so good to be back! 

Hasta la próxima,

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