New Member, New GlobeMed Year, New Adventures

By Ellen Kim
Officially becoming a member of GlobeMed, I’m truly anticipating the upcoming GM year. Especially after seeing the partnerships presentation at the last meeting, I was surprised by how much of an impact youth could make just by having a vision and forming a collective movement together. Likewise, I was able to learn how GlobeMed epitomizes the term “grassroots” because members aid those in Iquitos not by telling them what to do – rather by listening, respecting and cooperating with the people.
Also, GlobeMed allows students to interact with people who are passionate about the same topics and connect with people around the globe in order to help those in Iquitos, Peru, and this makes me feel truly blessed to be a part of the GM family and to have the opportunity to meet and learn from people like me. Through my interaction with the other members and with people of the organization, I hope to truly grasp the concepts of human rights and global equity within me. In addition, I’m proud to say that the work that members do actually affects people beneficially in Peru, encouraging me to work hard as a member and to anticipate being a part of the GROW team one day and going to Peru myself! Overall, I feel really honored to be a member of GlobeMed, and I can’t wait to work with everyone for our vision.

Ellen (left) with Grace (right) during our gHU activity

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  1. So happy you liked the partnerships presentation - it was definitely helpful for me as a returning member as well. It's always important to remember how our efforts in Rochester are being brought to fruition in Iquitos, and use this to motivate ourselves to keep working hard! Super excited you're part of the GM family now :)