Words on Summit 2013

This past weekend 17 of our chapter members travelled a great distance and endless highways to come to the 2013 GlobeMed Health Summit. The focus for this summit was to encourage students from various chapters across the nation to question: Why students? Our chapter was able to meet people from all over the country, and listen to though-provoking thoughts from activists such as Morton Schapiro, Zeenat Rahman, and Nobel Laureate Leeymah Gbowee. Though the talks were extremely empowering, our chapter is in agreement when we say that one of our most memorable moments of summit was meeting a representative from our partner organization, Manuel Tello, who spoke to us about the specific concerns in Iquitos and all the progress that we've been able to accomplish together.

 "Meeting Manuel in person was an incredible step in my personal belief in the GlobeMed model and in our partnership with Kallpa, and also made me that much more excited for the GROW internship this summer. It was an incredible opportunity to feed off of the passion of other GlobeMeders, as well as to find new role models who value global health and social justice as much as we do."
-Cameron Cummings

"The GlobeMed Summit was absolutely magical. A shout out to all of my friends, new and old, who remind me why I am part of this movement. We are not young idealist dreamers. We are an empowered network of change makers who are confident in the belief that working together in partnership can and will make impacts larger than anything we can accomplish alone. Being in GlobeMed has taught me about solidarity, and only now do I know what that actually means. I have never been prouder to be part of this organization, and I am so happy to call myself an alum." 
- Paul Vergara

 "Meeting Manuel was remarkable. It was absolutely fnatastic to get the chance to speak to him and share our passion with our partner right there with us. Leymah was amazing, I left that speech so inspired. And meeting other GMers and sharing our ideas, passions, and spending time together was so great. I met a lot of new amazing people and learned so much!"
 -Humma Sheikh 

See what we experience at Summit here 

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