ghU Debate on Health Care

On October 15th ghU held it’s first external awareness raising event, a panel discussion on the current movement for healthcare reform in the US aka President Obama’s Afforable Care Act. This panel featured four professionals trained and practicing the fields of Public Health, Economics, medicine and religion. ghU presented the following two questions to the panel: 
1. What is your opinion of the Affordable Care Act? OR What is the general opinion of the Act in your field?
2. What is your primary point of contention with the Act? If this point was removed, would you continue to otherwise support the Act? If you aren't in favor of the Act to begin with, would the removal of this point cause you to consider supporting it? 
Each panelist was given 10-15 minutes to speak and after they finished a discussion was sparked among them and the audience that critiqued and evaluated each viewpoint presented.
The ghU team was incredibly happy with this event. The panelists were succinct and incorporated personal experience into their arguments in such a way that made them more understandable. The audience that came was plentiful in numbers and very engaged throughout the event. An unforeseen twist did happen towards the end of the panel when all the panelists ended up leaning towards a more democratic solution to healthcare reform, leaving the republican side of the political spectrum unvouched for.

L:R - Public Health Professor Ted Brown, Physician Sandra Schneider and Theologian Marvin Mich
Speaker Ted Brown and panelists prepare for the debate

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