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Kallpa Iquitos is a creative and innovative organization, committed to human development and providing the best quality of life for boys, girls and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing health and social opportunities.

The University of Rochester is partnered with Kallpa Iquitos, an amazing non-profit organization in Iquitos, Peru whose work is truly unique and inspiring!

AssociaciĆ³n Kallpa in Iquitos is part of the larger AssociaciĆ³n Kallpa organization whose overall mission is to create healthy communities through “partnership, democracy, respect and creativity”. Initially focusing their work in schools with youth health promoters, in 2005 Kallpa adopted the idea of “healthy communities” as their central focus. In each of the four regions in Peru in which Kallpa works–Loreto/Iquitos, Cusco, Ayacucho and Lima–each regional office operates independently and works on different projects with different populations, but the core focus of the Kallpa network is the idea of creating healthy communities.
Kallpa in Iquitos fully embodies the idea of working together as a community to fight health injustices and build a more equitable environment in the Iquitos area.

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